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At Web Dev Guru we specialize in building Fast engaging websites that pass Googles Core Vital Algorithm. Every Website is built around page speed emphasis and comes with the Divi WordPress theme free!


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Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take to build a website?

The length it takes to build a website is determined by the chosen package. It can take anywhere from 3 days for a simple site to 20 days for a more advanced site.

What do you use to build your websites?

I use WordPress to build websites and include the Divi theme activated for all customers. I ensure that minimal plugins are used to achieve an extremely fast load time.

Is WordPress safe, does it have a firewall?

WordPress is one of the safest platforms one could use. Although a firewall isn’t built in I do install one and configure it.

Do you Build E-commerce websites?

I do build E-commerce websites but charge more as they are a lot more work vs a small business website.

I own a restaurant and would like a food delivery service integrated with my business.

I specialize in being a Webmaster and developer so I’m able to help integrate your business with food delivery.

Do you conduct SEO?

All websites get basic SEO targeting one or two keywords, this includes Schema and keyword research

I already have a website, will you still work with me?

I absolutely will still work with you, I can do Website rebuilds, conversions and management for updates and speed improvement.

I don't know how to fix these Google Core Vitals, can you help?

Googles new Core Vital algorithm really shook up the web design game, I can help you pass the core vitals and increase your speed.

Can you help set me up with Yelp, My Business, trip advisor and more?

I have different packages regarding this aspect of the business and will be more than happy to help you set these important factors up.

How long have you been a website developer?

I have been a website developer since 2014 primarily in WordPress. While I have used many CMS’s I find WordPress to be the  best. I also have a lot of experience with WHM and cPanel.